Brilliant Orange peel Uses

Our lives are almost dependent on fruits these days giving some fruit parts great attention, leading to the discovery of some useful benefits of these parts. Orange peels happen to be one of these parts with great uses. Unfortunately enough, orange peels majority of the time end up in BINS. So it’s time to stop wasting them and put them into good use. Below are some Interesting orange peel uses to get you going.

orange peel uses

 1] Orange peel juice and tea!

What? Orange pith Juice? LOL before you get crazy about this! That really isn't what I meant! But the next time you’re making citrus juice, you can boost up the nutrition and flavour MORE by juicing with the piths! Always keep it healthy Use organically grown piths, it’s the Best! But of course if you can’t lay your hands on one make sure you properly wash and brush the orange in a jet of cold water to brush off the dirt’s and chemicals. Remember the world is a home for countless ideas, boiling dried orange peels in water could replace your favourite cup of  tea!

2] As a lung cleanser

As a warning note! Only organically grown orange peels should be consumed directly, and that should also follow after intense wash! Now you’re faced with a difficult challenge of identifying organically grown rinds for consumption. And that is why I don’t really recommend making them a part of your daily diet as you never can tell what orange was grown organically or chemically!
But if ever you have the chance to lay your hands on an organically grown rind, don’t let it go. Organically grown rinds contain high concentration of histamine reducing compound which provide a base support for problematic respiratory indications. It is also well known for its lung cleansing effect providing a better lung for breathing. If you find it difficult to eat raw organically grown rinds, you can simply add the grated rinds to you cookies, chocolate bread etc.

3] Rinds for Smelly Shoes and bad odour

If you're afraid of pulling off your shoes in public place, it’s time to put aside this irksome feeling. Orange peels have the natural ability to absorb bad odour and in return give out fresh scents. Simply wrap up the fresh orange rinds in a porous bag and put it directly on the sole of your shoes for up to 24 hours. You can also put this in every corner of your room, parlour or any other place you want to deodorize. Note that you can also sprinkle the rinds with baking soda. This will leave your shoe and home feeling fresh and nice!

4] De-clump sugar

Are you tired of reaching out for your sugar only to find that it’s dried into a solid clump? Well, adding citrus skin into a jar of sugar can absorb moisture and prevent your sugar from clumping into hard solids! Note that you can also use bread to de-clump sugar!

5] Air freshener

By simply boiling some orange rinds, you can make your home smell nice and great! A great way to save you the stress of buying Air fresheners! If you wish, you can add some mint, flavours, cloves or even cinnamon to add more to the scent! In addition you can dry out rinds, grate them and add little to your food or bathing water.

6] Orange peel Rose and Garland

You can push the creativity even further by making a simple and beautiful rose with just a citrus skin and a knife. Simply cut round the orange removing its skin from top to bottom, to create that snake-like structure, roll structure from top to bottom and there you’ll have a nice rose flower. For the garland, simply cut out a little star design or any design from the skin, and link them up with a thread. That’s all!

7] Orange Peel Candle

You can make a beautiful glowing candle by simply ripping off the orange skin from the fruit and adding a little bit of olive or vegetable oil, but making sure the spherical shape and the root-like feature are intact (the root-like feature is going to serve as the wick). A picture is worth a thousand words
How to make a candle with orange peel

8] Insect-repellent, furniture cleaner, polish, or even Bath oil

Placing citrus rind or dropping peel oil in places dominated by insects or even rubbing oil on the skin before leaving the house can protect you from insect attack. You can also brighten up your dull looking furniture’s by simply rubbing them with the white part of your peel (albedo) to give them that sparkling look. Orange rinds, white vinegar and some water in a jar seated in the fridge for up to two weeks can be used to clean glasses, windows, or even tiles! You can even add detergent to the mixture to enable you clean dishes effectively!

9] Amazing candied orange peels

With just water, sugar and rinds, you can make a wonderful, sweet and tasty candy! All you need to do is rip off from fruit and cut into strips (the peels), boil a couple of times, create a hot syrup mixture of sugar and water (by boiling) and then mix both peels and syrup to create a translucent tasty orange peel candy! Note (always make sure to wash the peels properly and boil them a couple of times to completely drive off the bitterness. You can also roll up the candy in chocolate or powdered milk for an even sweeter taste). Also do not stir the mixture of peels and syrup mixture to avoid formation of crystals.

10] Effective Citrus peel and Honey Face mask

I know there are great face masks out there such as the avocado face mask,olive oil – honey face mask , egg face mask etc. but the orange peel face-mask is as good and effective as they are! If not better! The zest is great for treatment of acne, scars, blemishes and of course excess oil. Honey is popularly known for its hydrating, anti-inflammatory, and anti-ageing properties, so a combination of both cleanse your face from inside out! Grate the orange peels to collect some zest, add some honey and mix to paste, apply with a brush all over your face and leave for 5 minutes, now wash your hands and ex-foliate your face gently to work out the vitamins into your skin, after a minute of ex-foliating, wash off your face and you’re done! Do this twice a week for better result!


  • Always remember to wash the orange thoroughly before use
  • Use pure honey
  • Avoid this face mask if your skin is very sensitive to citrus peels

More orange peel uses

  • Citrus pith for long lasting fire

    Because citrus rinds contain flammable oil, it is very easy to set-up a long lasting fire on a chilly frosty night with them. Simply dry out rinds and add them to your Burning fire to make it last even longer!
  • Citrus oil explosion

    If you are the type that loves fun, then you should try out the citrus peel explosion. You can create a small but fun explosion with orange peels and matches. Simply cut out a small dial from the peels, grab the dial in a vertical position with your index and thumb fingers at both ends of the dial. light a match stick and bring it close to the dial for at least 7 seconds to get the oils ready, now close the dial so that your index and thumb finger touch, this will send out little jet of orange oil creating a little explosion!

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